Car servicing and repair

Accelerated Motor Repairs provides manufacturer standard vehicle servicing, maintenance and repair for any make or model up to light commercial vans. Our services include MoTs, windscreen repair, wheel balancing and alignment, tyre repair, chassis welding and air con regassing. We have two courtesy cars, which we can offer to customers with longer-term repairs, and we provide a free collection and delivery service.

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Your bill

Although we pride ourselves on the high level of care we give to every car that comes in, we aim to keep our prices low. Our labour charge of £50/hour is competitive with other garages in the area and considerably less than you pay at a dealership. You also won’t find charges on your bill for little things like oil disposal, which we believe should be part of the service that any garage service provides.

Sample prices

Air con regassing: £60.00
Wheel alignment: £35.94
(Prices include VAT)