Car repairs and engine diagnostics

If your car develops a fault, you don’t have to take it to the dealer. Accelerated Motor Repairs has the equipment and expertise to diagnose engine faults and fix them for a fraction of the price. We carry out repairs to any make or model of car or van, whether petrol engine or diesel, manual gearbox or automatic. Come to us for gearbox repairs and clutch replacements, improvements to braking systems and suspensions, steering adjustments, windscreen replacement, electrical system fault diagnosis and any other car problem. We will give you a thorough diagnosis, source genuine parts and carry out repairs to the highest standard of workmanship, all at a very competitive price.

Call us as soon as a fault develops and remember to ask about our courtesy car and collection and delivery services. 

Waiting times

We can fix most car faults within a day or two but bigger repairs may require you to book the car in a week or so in advance. Use the enquiry form on the right to tell us about your car trouble.