Tyre repair and replacement

We have the equipment to change all types of car and van tyres, including run flat tyres and tyres for wider wheels. We can also get wheel rims repaired out of house, thus providing a one-stop shop for all your wheel and tyre needs.

Tyres will wear out much more quickly if your wheels are out of alignment. This can happen very easily if you hit a kerb or a pothole. We offer a wheel alignment and balancing service that will help to significantly extend the life of your tyres, as well as making your car more economical and comfortable to drive. We also check for wear and tear to parts such as bushes, which sometimes need replacing.

Change over to winter tyres this year and we will carry out a full wheel alignment and balancing service free of charge.

Waiting times

We receive tyre deliveries daily so we can provide a same day service if you have a punctured tyre or tyres that are worn and need replacing. Use the booking form or call us to arrange one of our wheel and tyre services.