Free wheel alignment when you buy a set of winter tyres

Have you thought of changing your tyres for the winter? These days the difference in performance between winter and summer tyres is so marked that some countries, like Germany, have made it law to fit the softer compound tyres over the winter months. These tyres come into their own when temperatures fall below 5˚C, offering much better grip and shorter stopping distances, so if we have a winter like the last one, you will certainly notice the difference.

Order a set of winter tyres and we will adjust your wheel alignment free of charge.

Come in for a free winter check over

Before the winter sets in, come and ask us for a free health check to make sure your car is fully prepared for the cold and wet. We can quickly look over all the routine essentials like fluid levels, light bulbs and anti-freeze, as well as making sure your brakes and suspension are up to the job of handling the slippery roads.

Get in touch to arrange your free winter check today.